Phoenix Mini Owners Club

Pagan's 'Tidy-Up' - Work in Progress...


08/2/2012 ... With assistance from the Rev. Clarke Pagan has been reduced to just her shell. Although the floor panels were better than expected, the front upper dash rail and boot were considerably worse!! After an enthusiastic start, progress has been hindered by the snow.


01/8/2011... Pagan, as she is affectionately known, is J's 1996 Rover Equinox. He has owned her for 7 years and has used her as a daily driver, clocking up 70k miles! Apart from essential maintenance to keep her roadworthy he hasn't spent much time looking after her looks, being too preoccupied with Craig's Clubby Estate, his Brother's Mk1 Golf, and bits and pieces on other Club Member's Minis too. Now it is her time for some TLC.